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About Me



Hi, my name is Gwendolyn Angel.  I am the proud owner of Angel in the Kitchen,LLC.

As a young girl, I started cooking in the kitchen with my grandmothers.  From there, I found the love of cooking and baking.   For years it was just a simply hobby for friends, family and for gatherings. 

Life took a shift, so in 2016 I started selling dinners, I thought about opening my own business, but got scared.  At the end of 2019, I decided to get creative and started designing cakes more often.  The pandemic hit, and being at home, with the kids, it gave me the PUSH I needed to get started on my own business.  I got my LLC for my business and have not looked back.

I am here to help make your Special Event, GREAT!

A Quality that will make you happy!

A Look that will make your guess say 'WOW'!

A Taste that will make everyone want more!

My Motto:  With God, All things are possible.


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